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  • Production technologies are constantly being improved, quality management systems are being introduced
  • The quality of products is confirmed by the required Certificates and Declarations of the Customs Union
  • Our plant does not stand still, there is a constant expansion of the products range and modernization of existing models
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OOO KEP DimAl specializes in production of magnetic and electromagnetic industrial material handling equipment.

The history of our company goes back to 1993, in this year our leading engineers and specialists started designing, manufacturing, servicing and repairing lifting magnets, magnets’ control systems, guard electromagnets and special-purpose hoisting machinery.

KEP DimAl is one of the best-known companies among manufacturers of lifting magnets. We offer a wide range of lifting magnets varying in their size, mass and hoisting capacity (round lifting magnets, square lifting magnets, special-purpose lifting magnets, modular lifting magnets, etc). The coils of the magnets can be manufactured of either aluminum or copper, we also offer composite coils. For additional information and technical specifications address our marketing department, please.

Every type of magnets is available in welded or cast casing even at a short notice. We are always ready to take order for designing and manufacturing special-purpose lifting magnets, guard magnets, grabs and other equipment, which you might need. Our lifting magnets are classified according to the EU spesifications. Optionally every magnet can be additionally equipped with a specialized control system. We use original patented engineering solitions to lengthen our product’s life-time, to save power and to improve efficiency and safety. Moreover, all the magnets are certified. Starting with 2007 all the types of lifting magnets enjoy a longer, 3-year warranty. Our company manufactures a wide range of guard magnets (DZh-series guard magnets, DZhSh-series guard magnets and DZhS-series guard magnets) and grabs (hook grapples, two-tine grabs, multi-tine grabs, single-cable grabs, two-cable grabs, motor grabs, hydraulic grabs etc.).

Our company performs capital repair of lifting magnets, guard magnets and grabs made in Russia or outside it. Our strong point is the use of advanced technologies for the manufacture and repair of any hoisting electromagnetic machinery.

You are welcome to contact us and appreciate our work!

Sincerely yours, D.A. Tregubov, General Director

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