Suspended overhead traveling cranes

The cranes are designed for lifting and moving loads in manufacturing and open areas using attached load-handling equipment: electromagnets of DKM and DPM series, grabs of DG and DGM series or other devices. The crane can operate as a hook when the attachments are removed.

Lifting electromagnets


Lifting magnets (henceforth – magnets) are designed to lift and move sheets, bars and scrap of ferromagnetic materials.

(Electro)permanent magnets

Our company manufactures manually operated lifting permanent and electro-permanent magnets.


Grabs are used for overload and short-distance transportation of bulk and lump cargo, timber, etc.

Lifting beams and Lifting C-Hooks

Lifting beams are a type of below-the-hook lifting device that lifts loads with single or multiple attachment points. They act as a crosspiece for spacing the hooks or chains that hold loads such as bars, racks, rolls, cylinders, and machinery.

Guard magnets

    The suspended guard magnets, suspended self-cleaning guard magnets and electromagnetic pulley separators are designed to extract ferromagnetic inclusions out of non-magnetic or lightly magnetic loose materials transferred by a conveyor belt.

    Lifting tongs

    A lifting tong is an auxiliary device of a hoisting machine (in some cases a mechanism) designed to grab and hold loads while handling and then unloading.

    Magnet control units (voltage transducers)

      Our company has renewed and updated the complete range of lifting magnet control units.

      Isolating transformers

      To improve the reliabilty, lifetime and electrical safety of the computational and office hardware

      Backup power source

      A backup power source ensures required operational safety, preventing emergency load lowering in case of the power supply cutting off.

      Load trolleys

      Our company offers you a new type of production: load trolleys with a carrying capacity of up to 200 tons.


      Load trolley

      A load trolley consists of the following main parts: 1 - the drive; 2 - the frame with the floor; 3 - the electrical cabinet; 4 - safety devices; 5 - the traveling wheel; 6 - the free wheel; 7 - buffer units; 8 - inspection hatches.


      Depending on the working conditions, application and the type of transported cargo, the trolleys can be manufactured in other versions: without the floor; with a manual drive and other requirements in accordance with the detail design specifications.

      All customers' requirements are taken into account before the production. Additionally, the trolley can be equipped with: a cable drum; a control located on the trolley; a frequency speed controller and other options according to the detail design specifications.


      Vibrounloaders are used for ripping and unloading bulk cargo of medium degree of congelation from hopper cars under low temperatures.

      The DVR-10-38-25-44 vibrounloader



      Technical data

      Vibration frequency of working tool, Hz (min-1)


      Vibrations of working tool


      Installed power capacity, kW


      Voltage, V


      Overall dimensions (not above), mm


      Weight (not above), t


      Application - ripping and unloading of frozen bulk cargoes by vibrating the material (ore concentrates, sand, coal, stone chippings, etc.) when unloading it from hopper cars through bottom discharge doors.

      The vibrounloader is widely used at mineral beneficiation plants, coalyards, construction industry enterprises and mines. This vibration equipment can be mounted on cranes with a lifting capacity of 10 tons or more. The vibrounloader rips and completely unloads a cargo when above a pair of bottom discharge doors and within a single mounting. The electric motor is vibration-proof. The metal structure that provides ripping of the cargo is of high-strength frost-resistant steel. The vibrounloader is remote-controlled.

      Laying-in vibrounloader DVR-8-34-25-44


      Technical data

      Vibration frequency of working tool, Hz (min-1) 24(1440)

      Vibrations of working tool


      Installed power capacity, kW


      Voltage, V


      Overall dimensions (not above), mm


      Weight (not above), t


      Application- layer-by-layer loosening of compacted or frozen bulk cargo on railway platforms during unloading, unloading of compacted bulk cargo by vibration from hopper cars through bottom discharge doors.

      The laying-in vibrounloader is a remote-controlled mounted vibrating machine for cranes with a lifting capacity of 7.5 tons and above.

      It is widely used in mines, mineral beneficiation plants, coalyards, construction industry enterprises.

      KZE DimAl Ltd production of lifting magnets, grabs and other lifting equipments

      KEP DimAl, LLC. has specialized in magnetic and electromagnetic industrial material handling equipment since 2000. We produce a wide variety of industrial magnetic equipment, all kinds of grabs, lifting beams, C-hooks and other lifting equipment. KEP DimAl, Ltd. holds many Design Patents for unique material handling and separation equipment as well as Utility Model Patents.



      We are 20 years old!

      Kirov plant of electromagnets "DimAl" turns 20:

      20 years of stable development without the legal entity change.

      During this time, we produced about 2000 grabs, almost 8000 lifting electromagnets and more than 2300 lifting beams.

      Throughout its history, there has been an increase in production capacity, workshops are built, jobs are created, the state budget is regularly replenished. In 2020, by the decree of the Governor of the Kirov Region, OOO Kirov plant of electromagnets "DimAl" was included in the list of systemic enterprises.

      Production technologies are constantly being improved, quality management systems are being introduced. The quality of products is confirmed by the required Certificates and Declarations of the Customs Union. Lifting electromagnets and voltage converters received certificates of conformity of the European Union.

      Our plant does not stand still, there is a constant expansion of the products range and modernization of existing models.

      We work for our clients by trying to keep minimum prices and production times.

      We thank all our customers for staying with us!