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Permanent magnets

Our company manufactures manually operated lifting permanent magnets. Mostly widely they are used at manufacturing plants to lift and move ferromagnetic items of flat and cylindrical shape. The operator manually (by rotating a lever) switches the magnet into operational mode. To ensure maximum safety at handling the cargo there's triple strength margin of safety. The magnetic grip's operational temperature range is from 10°C below zero to 80°C above zero. The magnetic grip's life-time is up to 15 years.


Постоянные магниты (захваты)          Постоянные магниты (захваты)

Basic advantages of lifting permanent magnets:

  • no need for power supply,
  • practically cost-free operation,
  • small dimensions and dead weight.


Type Dead weight, kg Length, mm Width, mm Height,mm Max. on plate hoisting capacity, kg
DPM35-14-R-U1 35 345 135 130 1000
DPM46-17-R-U1 80 460 165 170 2000


We can manufacture manually operated permanent magnets of any hoisting capacity.