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Magnet control units (voltage transducers)

Our company has renewed and updated the complete range of lifting magnet control units.

Magnet control units (voltage transducers)

All the control units except the 110-Volt ones use three-phase power supply.

Magnet control units (voltage transducers) of PNS series, DPN (operational alpha-numeric display available), PNG (generator type) are designed to control all types of the DC lifting magnets.




Magnet control units (voltage transducers)

In 2004 KEP DIMAL started serial manufacture of control units for the PNS and DPN series magnets which are improved modifications of the previously manufactured PNM series control units.

The PNS series control units have the following advanced features: new design of the three-phase power supply unit, reduced dimensions, improved and optimized operational algorithm.



The introduced changes allow to ease the temperature conditions and to improve the product's reliability.

ImageIn addition, we optionally offer to our customers magnet control units of the PNG series . The units of this series are designed to control lifting magnets when a supply-line is not available. The PNG series control units function is paired with either 1-phase or 3-phase power generators.