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Load trolleys

Our company offers you a new type of production: load trolleys with a carrying capacity of up to 200 tons.


Load trolley

A load trolley consists of the following main parts: 1 - the drive; 2 - the frame with the floor; 3 - the electrical cabinet; 4 - safety devices; 5 - the traveling wheel; 6 - the free wheel; 7 - buffer units; 8 - inspection hatches.


Depending on the working conditions, application and the type of transported cargo, the trolleys can be manufactured in other versions: without the floor; with a manual drive and other requirements in accordance with the detail design specifications.

All customers' requirements are taken into account before the production. Additionally, the trolley can be equipped with: a cable drum; a control located on the trolley; a frequency speed controller and other options according to the detail design specifications.