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Rounnd lifting electomagnets - composite coil magnets

DKM series composite coil magnetsThe composite coil allowes evenly distribute heat inside the magnet.

The uneven heating of the magnet is explained by the fact that the temperature of the coils is lower   in the proximity of the terminals through which heat is dissipated, whereas in the heart of the coil the temperature is higher.

Engineers of our company has solved the problem in the folloing way: elecromagnet's coil is composed of three parts; the first and the third parts are made of copper wire and are placed along the inner and outer terminals respectively. The second part is put between the first and the third ones and is made of wide cross-sectrion aluminum wire. The idea is explained in the figure.

DKM series composite coil magnets  The lifting magnet is composed of a magnetic conductor, formed by the base 1, the inner terminal 2, the outer terminal 3, and the coil made of three parts 45 и 6. The coil is placed in the cavity of   the magnetic conductor 7. The inner part of the coil lies along the inner terminal 2, the coil's outer part 6 – runs along the outer terminal 3, whereas the middle section 5 occupies the entire space between sections 4 и 6 in the middle of the cavity. Parts 4 and 6 are made of copper wire, while part 5 – is made of wide cross-sectrion aluminum wire.

The heart of the coil 4 is next to the massive inner terminal this placement results in good heat dissipation. The coil's outer part 6 lies close to the outer terminal which is air cooled. The inside of the coil 5 is made of wide cross-sectrion aluminum wire. Due to the increase of the volume of this part as well as its surface area, the specific heat generation per a volume unit and a cooled area unit was diminished. This has resulted in the temperature drop of the coil's section operating at the worst cooling conditions.

The above mentioned design solutions are covered by RF patents.