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Isolating transformers

To improve the reliabilty, lifetime and electrical safety of the computational and office hardware (computers, printers, copy machines etc.), household equipment, electric hand tools, industrial machinery (lifting magnets, frequency converters, etc.) our company suggests to power them through isolating transformers (RT).

Isolating transformersThe isolating transformer is a transformer dedicated for a part of a power-supply grid, powering a consuming device en route from the power source or the grounding or null grids. The transformer is an isolating one if neither of its secondary coils is not grounded.

The isolating transformers significantly reduce the risk of electrocuting for personnel, as the transformer's secondary terminals are galvanically isolated from both the power source's grounded neutral and the ground.

If a rupture onto a device's casing occurs, there is no sparking and the device is still functional. The resulting currents are of no danger to the personnel and can't damage the equipment.

Meeting our customer's wishes we can install additional shields between the primary and secondary coils. The shield's grounding improves the transformer's isolating qualities manifold.

The isolating transformers can be used with the equipment of up to 40 kW.


  • RT prolongs life-time of any electric equipment;
  • RT reduces the short-circuiting amperage;
  • RT is an additional protecting device;
  • RT improves the quality of the power supplying grid as it filters out high-frequency harmonics.

Technical data

Our company manufactures two types of transformers, depending on application: to use with magnet's control units (winding connection Z-Y) or to use with other equipment (winding connection Y-Y).

Transformers with the Z-Y winding connection

Type Dimensions LxBxH A C Dead weight, kg, not exceeding
DTR-12-0-01-UHL2 680x285x835 210 580 200
DTR-16-0-01-UXL2 720x290x835 215 620 250
DTR-20-0-01-UHL2 720x305x835 230 620 280
DTR-25-0-01-UHL2 730x335x835 235 630 320
DTR-30-0-01-UHL2 900x380x830 255 800 370
DTR-35-0-01-UHL2 950x450x950 285 850 450
DTR-40-0-01-UHL2 1000x500x900 290 900 580


Transformer's external view and connection method:

Isolating transformers

Isolating transformers

Transformers with the Y-Y winding connection

Type Dimensions LxBxH A C Dead weight, kg, not exceeding
DTR-4-0-01-UHL2 585x260x820 185 485 130
DTR-5-0-01-UHL2 595x270x820 195 495 150
DTR-6.3-0-01-UHL2 610x270x775 195 510 170
DTR-8-0-01-UHL2 680x275x780 200 580 190
DTR-10-0-01-UHL2 700x280x820 200 600 210
DTR-12-0-01-UHL2 740x285x835 200 640 240
DTR-16-0-01-UHL2 740x300x810 210 640 260

Transformer's external view and connection method:

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