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Guard magnets

The suspended guard magnets, suspended self-cleaning guard magnets and electromagnetic pulley separators are designed to extract ferromagnetic inclusions out of non-magnetic or lightly magnetic loose materials transferred by a conveyor belt.


The guard magnets are used at concentrating and crushing mills etc. to protect the machinery parts from occasional ferromagnetic inclusions.

The guard magnets can be used separately or along with wheel magnets in case the thickness of the transferred material exceeds the permissible thickness.




The guard magnets can be used under the following conditions:

  • The ambient air temperature should be from 20°C below zero to 40°C above zero
  • The environment should be explosion-safe and free from insulation-damaging gases and vapors
  • Productive time operational mode 100%
  • Protection class rating IР44

Currently our company manufactures the following types of guard magnets:

  • The U-shaped DZh-series suspended guard magnets
  • The E-shaped DZhSh-series suspended guard magnets
  • The DZhS-series suspended self-cleaning guard magnets
  • The DShZh-series electromagnetic pulley separators

Our company can manufacture guard magnets according to the customer's specifications.

The guard magnets manufactured by our company are widely used at brickworks, cilicate plants and other factories.