Suspended overhead traveling cranes
Lifting electromagnets
(Electro)permanent magnets
Lifting beams and Lifting C-Hooks
Guard magnets
Lifting tongs
Magnet control units (voltage transducers)
Isolating transformers
Backup power source
Load trolleys


We have made it our goal to design and implement technical innovations. We have filed more than 10 patent applications with the Patent Office of RF, most of them have already been implemented or are being implemented into manufacturing process. This has allowed to substantially improve the quality of our products and to reduce their production cost. The applied technological solutions allow to reduce the lifting magnets' operational coil temperature. This has been achieved through improved heat-dissipation techniques.

The heat-insulating pad installed into the lifting magnets having either copper or aluminum coils allow to handle hight-temperature loads. It is in our deeds, not in our words when we claim that we upgrade lifting magnets of other manufacturers bringing the quality of the magnets onto the same level of new DKM-series electromagnets.

Lifting electromagnets

We have started manufacturing a number of new series of lifting magnets: DKM - round ones from 100 mm to 3000 mm in diameter, DPM - square ones. We also manufacture electromagnetic and suspended self-discharging guard magnets. For the first we offer 3-terminal special-purpose magnets.

Control magnet system

We have designed and now serially manufacture lifting magnets' control units of the PNS series (to operate in the power-supply grid), PNG (to be used with generators), upgraded DPN series, and control units of DBZh and DBZhS series designed to control guard magnets. All the control units are three-phase ones, which prevents the phase skew and ensures the magnet's reliable operation in all the modes. Our products are demanded on both the home market and the international market.

We manufacture grabs for any kind of loads (scrap metal, scrap, shavings, furnace feed, timber, loose materials etc.). There are the following types of grabs available: single, 2-, 3- or 4-rope clamshell buckets and grapples (orange peel grabs), motor, hydraulic or pneumatic grabs.